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Venezuela Mud Slide, January 2000

During the Venezuela mud slide, worked with a machine for infectious disease. Seeing those kids cured before our eyes by this machine was truly a God experience. God's glory could be seen on everyone's faces. Jesus' love was thick in the air.

We visited sites where thousands had been killed by boulders washed from the mountains above. Boulders had fallen at such a speed, they chewed Greyhound buses into tin foil. It was as if 6 mountains of rocks and the coast of Venezuela were poured into a blender.

Small cars could not be found. There was none! In one school bus, there were over 100 police students who died in their sleep.

We met with the civil defense officials, Dr. Elezar & Jerry Morales, then with the country's genius' to go over future prevention measures and training exercises.

Lura, a young women who had lost everything, told us how much she received from our visit. She had given up hope. No one had came to help them until His Glory showed up!

Special thanks to the Venezuela Military, His Glory supporters, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, and the Needham family.

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