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Mozambique, Africa Flood, 2000

During the fall of 2000, Mel Goodwin, a member of our team, traveled to Mozambique, Africa to help after the flooding with the Baptist water purification group, representing His Glory. Mel told us of how God had showed up to help with the problems the government not wanting the water purifiers, just money! GOD ALLOWED THE TEAM TO STAY AND WORK. Be careful of donating to relief organizations who say they are sending help in disasters but are really just sending money to the governments! Contact a relief organization first, before you donate. If they are not personally going to hand deliver products and services, the people who need those services probably will never receive them. That's why His Glory always goes with our volunteers directly to the site! We take our supporters funds as God's money not to be misused by governments, but to be uses directly to serve the people in need.





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