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Huntington, Texas Tornadoes, March 30-31, 2002

On March 30th at approximately 1:30pm, Team 1 left Tyler, TX for Elkhart where a tornado had been spotted on the ground by the Henderson Sheriff Department. From there Team 1 responded to possible tornadoes in Henderson, Center, Mt. Enterprise, Jacksonville, and Tyler during severe storm conditions. Team 2 stationed in Gladewater,TX monitored storms and ran communications for Team 1.
At approximately 8:30 pm on the same night tornadoes were reported on the ground in the area of Huntington, TX. Team 2 received a dispatch, via ham radio, calling for all teams to respond. Team 1 quickly departed at 8:45pm, and arrived in Huntington at 10:05pm. Team 1, working with the Angelina County V.F.D's, S.O.'s, and P.D.'s, made sure all critical victims were located per the V.F.D.'s as chainsaw crews began opening roads. At 11:30pm, Team 1 was called to Virgil Havard Road south of Diboll, TX. Upon arriving, Team 1 reported more major damage in that area.

At 12:01pm D.P.S. requested confirmation of damage on the area north of Lake Sam Rayburn near Etoile. At 12:30pm Team 2 departed from Gladewater to join Team 1. Approximately at 1:45 am Teams 1 &2 arrived at Etoile at the crossroads of 226 & farm road 223. Residents were checked and area damaged secured. Around 3:45am teams were in route back to Huntington to report to the Emergency Management System. However, severe storms caught both teams on the bridge crossing over Lake Sam Rayburn with golf ball-size hail and winds of up to 40mph. This was a remote area, and there was no shelter available. Damages have been reported to both vehicles involved.

Teams then arrived at 4:40am in Huntington where the Emergency Management Teams had left the scene. Therefore, Team 1 reported all the information requested to the Sheriff's Office in Huntington. Team 2 then returned to Gladewater.

On Sunday, March 31st, at 8am, Team 1 began scouting damages and checking residents in along the lake areas surrounding Huntington. At 11:30 am, Team 1 landed the Salvation Army cantine and crew at the logistics site. During this time, resident damaged areas were cleaned up. (See pictures for detail.) Then at 5:30pm all teams were cleared for departure and debriefed. The joy of the Lord was felt, the love of Jesus was seen, and God was given His Glory!

On April 1st at 6am, due to lack of funding, loss of equipment, and damaged equipment, His Glory Director of Operations called alert teams from Big Sandy, TX to respond with 30 volunteers and chainsaw crews to Huntington, TX.

The expenses and damages for this disaster are approximately totaling $5,500.00. Below is a list of expenses and damages:


$297.00 for gas and oil
$50.00 for insurance
$75.00 for busted fog lights (hail damage)
$65.00 for busted driving lights (hail damage)
$1,200.00 for exterior of two vehicles (hail damage)
$150.00 for windshield wiper repair (hail damage)
$565.00 for ham radio communications
$997.00 for Warn 8000 Wrench
$182.00 for cell phone communications
$979.00 for Huskavarna Chainsaw damages
$189.00 for Poland Saw replacement
$45.00 for replacement of Sear's Craftsman Saw
$195.00 for busted head lights (hail damage)
$385.00 for steering column replacement

His Glory has already received $2,000.00 from the Week of Compassion. These are normal operating costs for responding to a two-day disaster in and around headquarters area in Lufkin, TX. This is just the beginning of the tornado season, if we are to continue responding to calls during the tornado season of 2002, funding is needed.

All support and prayers have been felt, but more is needed.

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