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Honduras, Hurricane Mitch, January & February 1999

San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Sinai, Colon, Honduras
Santa Barbara, Copan, Honduras

A missionary from Honduras made a request for four wheel drives. We spoke with him to find out that a village in the outback jungles had not received any relief, after Mitch, a class 5 hurricane. He told us this village of Christians on the edge of the Colon state, needed emergency aid. We shipped all we had on a ship, provided by Mr. Jones, and began our journey.

We left with $350.00 in our pockets and planned on staying 12 days, but it took 7 days to get the trucks. The First Lady of Honduras had to help get the trucks from the dock! On the docks, we saw rotten food that had been donated, because no one was delivering it.

Our transport to the village, 170 mile one way, took over 15 hours, and was in four wheel drive almost the whole trip. We began hauling medicine, then food & essentials.

On Day 24 we ran out of money. With gas at $3.50 per gallon, over $60.00 for one tank fill up, and four fill ups for a one way trip, we needed support. The last trip we delivered requested powdered milk, which we bought on credit. The mothers of the infants were not producing enough milk, due to the lack of food. We endured a $30,000.00 deed there, & received $ 4000.00 in donations.

At one church, the 2000 members obeyed GOD and went into the church before the storm. Babies, moms, dads, grandmothers etc., lived in rafters as the storm pounded for 4 days, with over 10 feet of water and 4 feet of mud beneath them. When we got there they had not received any help from the outside world. That is not acceptable to GOD!

When we first asked the Christian leaders what had they been praying for, they responded, "For God to send His glory". We all broke down. At that time we had not even been in uniform, so they had no idea who we were.

Later we convinced other missionary groups that the diseases were not as rampant as it was when we first arrived. GOD had healed most & the epidemic was over! GLORY!!!! GOD IS TOO MUCH!!!








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