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El Salvador Earthquake, January 2001

The El Salvador earthquake was incredible. We were the first American team in the country. Upon arrival, we were put in charge of the largest landslide in San Salvador, approximately 50-acres, with some 1500 volunteers. We trained them, resulting in 5 more victims rescued alive!!! Training also resulted in recovery efforts of 5 more bodies without destroying them by heavy equipment!!! GOD really worked there!!! We would like to give a special thanks to Week Of Compassion, KSWP, KTRE, and the Honduras military!

The Learning Channel documented the trip on film. Our teams were the first to cover all sites in country, the only Christian rescue team to be there in first response. Do you notice GOD is forming a trend with our group? His Glory S.R.A.T. is the first team in, the first team to remote sites, the only team to cover all sites in the country, and the first team in with medical supplies. You may know of other relief organizations out there, which provide food & shelter for long term recovery efforts. They do a great job! BUT when you are buried alive, or clinging to a tree in floods, those organizations will not be the ones able to rescue? We want to give GOD the Glory for all he did, is doing and will continue to do!!!

Stills taken from The Learning Channel documentary due out later this year (2001). Click on thumbnail for larger view.












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