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Central Texas Flood, November 15, 2001

His Glory teams dispatched two teams after the floodwaters had already claimed over 9 lives. Team one traveled to Austin and Goliad, while team two, covered Carezzo Springs. The team was successful working with the Dimmitt County Volunteer Fire Department in setting up the network, which prevented 100's of deaths that could have occurred on very swift water over much traveled bridges. The Dimmitt group was great to work with and the residents there should be very supportive of their needs in the future. The love of Christ was shown thru the servanthood of the teams, the glory of God felt, as testimonies were shared! We give God all the glory for He did thru the teams.

Over $600 was spent, for this operation & a total of over 2,800 miles covered in the 2-day operation. At this time, few funds have been received to cover these costs. We urge everyone to donate to disaster relief. Pictures are coming soon. Stay tuned.






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