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Belize Hurricane Iris, October 8, 2001

The team just got back Monday, October 15th, from Belize, where Hurricane Iris hit. The team traveled as fast as possible, rescue information was gathered & thanks to GOD, rescue was not needed.

No one brought anything to the villagers in the remote outback, where many homes were lost. The team rented a truck to bring all the food we could and hauled it back to the flooded areas and hand delivered the products to those who had asked for it.

The team could do no more as no funding was received, during that time frame People must understand that when people are hurting, they can't wait to be rescued. We will go, but if the public does not respond, we can only do what we can.

We thank Taca Airlines, Week of Compassion, Texaco Express Lube, KSWP, Richard Smith (His Glory co ordinator & chief of My Refugee in Belize)

We give GOD the glory for what He did!






Passing out food to the Indians in need.


The banana crops have been
destroyed and these people will be out of work for almost a year.

They also lost most of their homes.






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