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Afghanistan Refugee Aid, December 2001

Wow, God is really moving! Team 3 is now in the process of sending & receiving through distribution in cooperation with many other organizations in Tajikistan. Dates are December 1st through 20th. We are short in funding our mission to deliver blankets given by Church World Services.

Winter is pressing hard on over 7 million refugees. Without these blankets being personally delivered, they will end up being hoarded causing many to freeze to death. You can't save people by just dropping emergency supplies. Someone has to oversee it, or the strongest will take them all, leaving the weak & the remote camps to receive nothing. Keep this in all prayer chains as this team no. 3 tries to depart. Without the money up front, they will not be able to travel. Please call everyone you know and get these refugees, the team and the finances on the prayer chains. We will show up! Will you help us stay & get His work done? A Special thanks to The Church of Christ helping hands, Week of Compassion, First Christian Church of Lufkin, and Your Web Developer.






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