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Hurricane Humberto

On the night of September 13th, 2007 while residents of the Texas Louisiana Coastal communities slept Tropical Storm Humberto strength to a Category 1 Hurricane with 85 mph sustained winds and heavy rain.  Sneaking ashore Hurricane Humberto wrecked havoc on the Coastal communities in its path.  While some homes became islands surrounded by flood waters, High Island Texas took the brunt of what Hurricane Humberto had to offer.  85 mph winds and heavy rain lifted the Payton home from its foundation moving it several feet and ripping off the roof with Jack and Connie Payton inside.  Both Jack and Connie a strong Pentecostal couple prayed while hurricane Humberto relocated their home with them inside.  Both Jack and Connie said they did not feel lucky, but indicated they were blessed that GOD protected them during the storm.  The Payton’s daughter showed our Special Investigative Services Volunteer around the Payton’s property pointed out the damage left by Hurricane Humberto. 

Also destroyed by the hurricane was the High Island athletic fields score board and towers canceling any sporting activities in the immediate future on those fields.  Debris was tossed all around High Island Texas indicating that even though this hurricane was a dangerous storm by the grace of God no one in High Island was seriously injured or killed. 

In other locations on and around Highway 73 travel trailers and other trailers were thrown around like toys as Hurricane Humberto passed through the area.  We continue to pray that those effected by Hurricane Humberto are able quickly repair the damage and continue on. 



We give God the Glory for his mercy and guidance while we continue to respond to this and other disasters around the world.






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